Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What Ever Happened to the Easter Beagle?

So, I have been putting off posting for a while because I wanted to finish my bird pillow and post a pic of it. Have a finished the pillow yet? No! I decided to go ahead a post anyway. This weekend was Easter Weekend! I have been brought up in church my whole life and decided to follow Christ and let Him be my Savior when I was seven. Because of this, the whole Easter story is familiar to me and sometimes can get "easy on the ears", so to speak. I thank God for breaking me the other day when I got the realization that with Jesus' last breath, He thought of me. I know Christ loves me and died for me...but, He THOUGHT about me. He died saving me and when that stoned rolled away Easter morning and He was resurrected, He thought of me. I know that I already knew this but it became so clear this weekend. My Savior was being beaten and killed and with His final breath, His thoughts were of me. Amazing love that I can not understand. Praise God for His love and His Son who loves me so. I do have some pictures of my many adventures lately. Enjoy :)

I visited my home friends.  They are hawties!

Meet Jessica. (a.k.a. Fellow Traveler/My Cup)

Meet Sarah.  She likes chicken.

Every mature college student takes funny pics in Dairy Queen.

I'm embarrassed.

We made Strawberry Cookies. yum

We smelled all 81 scents offered from Scentsy.

The Easter Bunny brought me candy!

Everyone know I love white chocolate reese's but now I am falling in deep like with dark chocolate reese's.  Sorry milk chocolate.

We went to my grandmother's and I got to wear the heirloom bracelet.

It will be mine one day (very far from now hopefully)

My grandmother drove us around the farm.

Loving the ride. (excuse the skin problems)

True Bliss.

I saw honey suckle on the side of the road.  I pulled over and my sister and I got some. :)

My dad took us out to eat.  I got this delicious meal.  Chicken fresco with butter sause, grilled asparagus, and garlic mashed potatoes.  Sounds swanky!

Then I hung out with my friends some more.  This is one hawtie!  She's single guys.

So, all in all my Easter was great!  I don't have pictures of me staying with my aunt and uncle, visiting my newlywed cousin, or staying with my other grandmother.  I am so excited that I will be in Australia in 25 days!  I am super ready.  I still need a thousand dollars though.  I know the Lord will provide like He already has.  On another exciting note, I will be moving out of college in less than a week!  Amen.  I need everyone to pray for my gpa though.  This has been a rough semester for me but that is another post for another day.   I am also thinking about starting my own product line of homemade goods.  The company name?  Confessions of course.  I need to get my business plan all straightened out as soon as possible since I will be gone this summer.  Lets see how long it takes my friend, Jessica, to see these pics of her here. :)  I'll post you guys later if she doesn't kill me.

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  1. OH MY! If I wouldn't have had such a fun weekend, I would kill you! haha just kidding.

    Just be prepared for a TON of emails, comments, etc from guys wanting my number after they see these pictures and fall in love.. I hope it doesn't get too overwhelming :)


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