Friday, April 8, 2011

Snobby Hobby

Today has been a better day.  Thank the Lord!  My weekend offcially started a little after twelve this afternoon.  I am so excited for the weekend.  My mother and sister (and two of my mom's new friends) went to Hobby Lobby today and asked me to meet them there.  My answer?  Duh!  I'm come!!  Hobby Lobby has become sort of an obessesion.  I could go there for a year and buy something every day.  My mom bought me a photo box that I want to take to Australia for photos, letters, and stationary.  She also let me pick out scrapbook paper for me to cover and decorate the box.  I am really excited to use my creativity again.  Soon as I finish this box, I will but a picture here to show you.  This weekend, I will have a friend coming to visit.  My friend, Jessica, is going to the same conference as me.  In fact, she is also doing missions this summer in South Korea.  Pray for her also.  She is going to get feathers in her hair tomorrow and then we are going to craft together.  I love crafting!  I also get to see many other friends tomorrow.  A bunch of my Garaywa girls will be there.  I do have some pictures for you.
Recent Happenings:

Bored in my car.  Waiting in a parking lot.

Stick your feet out the sun roof!  I'm just surprised I could do it in the driver's seat!

Some old buttons my grandmother gave me.

Pretty retro paper :)

Till next time..

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