About Me

My name is Katherine.  I'm a twenty-one year old, senior in college and I'm majoring in Art Education.  I'm from the beautiful state of Mississippi.  I've been blogging here since November 2009.  Most importantly, I am a Christian and because of that I hope everything I do reflects Christ.  It's not a religion.  It's not what I was born into.  It's nothing I can achieve or do to receive it.  I am just a nasty sinful girl who is forgiven by her Father. 

I love the color green, coffee, and blogging.
My favorite way to unwind is by watching guilty pleasures on HBO secretly.
The best candy around is white chocolate Reese's.
I also love memiors about travel.
And I'm going to write one.
If you want to take me out on a date, I like ethnic food.
I love spending other people's money
I think young adulthood is the most fascinating and scary thing.

 And that's about it.
Call me.

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