25 before 25

start: 9/5/2012
end: 8/15/2016

It all started with my 21 by 21 list.  I made of list of stuff that I wanted to accomplish before I turned twenty-one.  Now that birthday has come and gone and I have a new list of goals.  I present to you...

25 by Twenty-five

Read 5 books within a month
May 29, 2013

Visit France

Go back to East Fremantle, Western Australia

Be a bridesmaid

Get a book published

Learn some barista skills

Go white water rafting again

Purchase first house

Make friends with people from other lands

Go to the zoo

Sleep under the stars

Find my life-long adventure partner

Plant my first successful garden

Graduate college

Live in New Orleans

Find best job ever

Make a quilt

Spend 5 days camping straight

Get better at photography

Form new friendships

Climb a mountain

Re-visit the MoMA

Ride in a hot air balloon

Sew my own dress

Create online store

hold me accountable.
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