Friday, April 27, 2012

Send me a Cupcake

1. Going to Bren'ts Drugstore in Fondren.  Anyday.  Everyday.
2. Cupcakes in the caf.  Cupcakes in my dorm.  Cupcakes period.
3. Mary Kay parties and with free facials during finals
4. Finishing Finals!!
5. Winnning an Africa shirt from Lee, Me, and the Girls.

I hope everyone is having a great Friday.  This isn't a real Friday for me.  I'm in the middle in finals.  I finished one this morning after two hours and three typed pages.  Essay form finals.  Gross.  I have two more finals tomorrow.  Yes.  I have a final at eight in the morning on a Saturday.  Ouch.  I won't  be done until Tuesday.  Until then, I will live off of cupcakes and prayers.   

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Hi guys! 
So today, I blogged over at His Story, His Glory. 

Go check it out.  I shared one of my new favorite shops there. 

  I could look at their prints all day.  So, go check out Typographic Verses and then go check out His Story, His Glory and tell me what you think.  Well dang, while you are over there, go ahead and follow Christy and then perhaps buy a print.  I'm sharing another one of my favorite prints today. 


Have a happy Wed-nez-day.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Finally Finals

I'm right in the middle of finals right now which pretty much sucks is really really bad.  I'm stressed out to the max.  I hope to be back and post on something of worth and interest soon.  Give me a few.  This is the only thing keeping me going:

Also, I come back to my blog to find out that I went from 17 followers to 26!  I'm so shocked and amazed and excited and happy. 

...And I have a blogging buddy now.  I hope to talk more about her soon but for now go check out Nail Polish Anonymous. 

This is Jessica.  She has mad nail art skills.  If you don't follow her already , go do it now!  You won't be sorry.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

To be continued...

So much has happened this weekend.  I had Coffee with Christy Thursday.  I'll post on that soon.  Friday, I left for Swannanoa Formal.  I took my room mate as my date.  Formal was in New Orleans which is pretty much my favorite city.  I have a lot more to post about and a lot more to share.  Right now, I am tired as can be and will probably take a nap before I slip into a stress induced coma.  That's right.  I have a paper due Monday, multiple tests Tuesday, and who knows what Wednesay.  So, I leave you now with this pretty picture. 

malawi here i come.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Blog Hijack!

Hi Guys!! This is Christy from His Story • His Glory and today I've hijacked Katherine's blog (Shhhh...don't tell her). I wanted to let you guys know a little secret. I'm was an art major too! How appropriate is it that I've hijacked "Confessions of an Art Major"? I am so diabolical. 

Anywho! I figured I would share 5 things Art Majors hear.


1) "Oh You're an art major? So I guess you draw pictures all day huh? <insert a harhar here> Must be nice!" 
FYI guys. Art Majors have to write papers, take tests, and do research projects on top of "drawing pictures". PLUS while other majors can pass their class with memorization we rely a lot on skill and if the teacher thinks our work is "aesthetically pleasing". Do you know how frustrating it is to spend hours on something, pouring your soul out on a project, to be told that it wasn't good enough and get a C or something? That's rough. PLUS they usually don't tell you what you can do to fix it. They just say start over.

2) "I wish I could be an art major and draw as good as you."
Yeah skill is part of it, but a lot of drawing skills comes from practice. If you really wanted to be an art major you would spend a lot of time drawing, therefore improving your own skills.

3)"Can you paint me something?"
We spend all day (and sometimes night), painting and drawing things. Sometime we don't want to do it in our free time too.

4)"So are all the people in your class weird?"
We are not weird! Just escentric... 

5) And last but certainly not least. "It's ok, she's an art major."
What's that suppose to mean!? Don't act like you know every answer to every question. Quick what's 1209830927901284904128 X 10298908129408129048? SEE told you. You took too long. It's ok guys. She just spends all her time reading blogs. 

Thanks for reading guys! Hope you enjoyed and were able to laugh at some of our stereotypes. While we, art majors, do have a lot of stereotypes to deal with, it is a lot of fun when you choose to do something you love so much. Hope that you guys enjoy whatever you chose to study in school! If you are going to devote your life to something, might as well be something you love to do. After all it is why God gives us those desires in the first place! 

Grab and button if you like, AND follow me! :)


Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Last night, I watched the documentary, Beware of Christians and I loved it!  It is basically about four college guys who travel Europe to find answers on many Christian subjects.  They cover everything from sex and relationships to money and materialism.  My favorite theme of the film was that we (as Christians) don't have it all together.  That's the point.  We are sinful.  He is perfect.  You can get more information here.

(watch it)

In other random news, today was hipster day.  My aesthetics class likes to dress up and today we dressed as hipsters.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Grey Tuesdaze

Iced coffee on Grey Mundaze

My art on Jessica's coffee cup 
One Korea.

Leftover Easter candy 

Grey Tuesdaze

New wire ring that I made.
Finger wrinkles.
Crooked pinky.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

We're Going to Jackson

This has been a thrifty weekend.  Friday, I went to Fondren and bought three scarves and a small pearl bracelet.  Today, I went to the Brick Street Festival in Clinton.  I got a cookbook for $1.  I love this time of year.  Warm sunshine on my face.  Iced coffee in my cup holder.  Festivals everywhere.   Christy had a booth at the Brick Street Festival.  She is selling artwork and jewelry.  If you would like her information, click here.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Coffee with Christy

Today we read:
Galatians 1:1-10 (read here)

What this means to me:
Don't turn away from God.  His Word is true and holy.  If anyone tells you any different then it is a lie!  Don't be a people pleaser.  You will never be able to please everyone.  Please God.  He is the one that matters.  Let everything you do be for Him!
How can I apply this to my life:
Stop trying to please others, Katherine!  They won't get you.  It's okay to be different.  Just lean on God and seek Him then, hold on for an exciting ride. 

"Am I now trying to win the approval of human beings, or of God? Or am I trying to please people? If I were still trying to please people, I would not be a servant of Christ."
Galatians 1:10

Pray for Christy:

  • Confirmation and direction for her life
  • Preparation for her summer at the ranch
  • Healthier living

You can follow Christy here:

Linking up here:

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Peanut Butter Jelly Time

Monday, I visited my grandmother and we made blueberry jelly, peach cobbler, and headbands.  It was a very productive day and now I have lots to share with you.  Today, it's all about the jelly!  I'm going to share what I learned and hopefully it will make sense.  We know how I ramble...

Blueberry Jelly

Fresh or frozen blueberries
1 package of gelatin
2 cups of Sugar (depending on juice amount)

Take the blueberries and pick over them, making sure that there isn't any sticks or leaves.

Place the blueberries in a boiler on high heat with enough water so they won't stick.


Boil the blueberries till they are mushy.  You may want to push them against the edge of the boiler with a spoon to "juice" them.  Then, strain the the blueberries over a large bowl.  Get as much "juice" as you can into the bowl.  We had about 2 quarts.  Then pour the juice back into the boiler.  Start to bring the juice to a boil.  Place a little sliver of butter into the juice.  The butter helps reduce foam.  Foam will lead to hard spots in the jelly later. 

While you are doing this, boil the mason jars that you plan on using.  You will also need to boil the lids.  The heated jars and lids will seal the jelly later.

When the juice comes to a boil add the packet of gelatin.  The gelatin and sugar ratio will depend on the juice that you have acquired earlier and should be explained on the gelatin packet.  When it comes to a boil again, add the sugar.  When it comes to a boil once again, let to boil for one minute.  After it has boiled for a minute, you begin to fill the jars and seal them.  Make sure that your jars are still boiling.  You will use tongs to get the jars out and use a dishcloth to hold it while filling. 

After you fill the jars, you are done!  Jelly is it's best after two weeks sealed.  The bottom of your boiler will be jelly-like when you are finished.  Taste testing is always necessary.


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Woah Nelly

Here are some of my recent purchases that I'm absolutely in L-O-V-E with:

1) Okay, so I had seen other bloggers rave on about this iced coffee.  Let me be frank.  I usually hate cold coffee.  I LOVE this.  It is so tasty and comes in three flavors.  I have only tried the mocha but I'm sure I'll get the other two flavors, original and vanilla.  Yum, yum, and yum.

2) This is my potato bin!  I got this a couple..few..weeks ago in a thrift store.  I hope to store art supplies in there or maybe turn it into a jewelry box.  The possibilities are endless.  I might also re-paint it another color. 

3) My Australia charm came in the mail!  My friend, Jessica, has a necklace with two countries that she has visited on it.  I hope to get Mexico and Mississippi on there, along with Malawi for this summer.  Although, I doubt that I can find Malawi so Africa might have to suffice. 

If my secret admirer is reading again, you are terrible at this whole woo-ing me thing (I hate that word).  I'll give you one more chance to win my heart.  Buy me this:

Please and Thank you.

Coming Up Next...

Monday, April 9, 2012

Gardener Girl

I have an announcement.  I have a little project for this summer.  I want to write a book with my grandmothers about living off of the land.  Okay.  Quit laughing.  I mean it.  Yeah, I know.  Another "Katherine" project.  She is sooo weird and starts a million, bazillion things that she never finishes.  True, true.  That is why I didn't want to tell you about it.  I hate the thought of failure.  Shudder.  Anyway, I just had to share this photo I found.  Apparently, I've been a gardener girl my whole life.

me and my potato

Sorry for the horrible quality.  Check out the Simba on my Lion King outfit.  I was awesome.  So far, I have only helped my grandfather plant squash.  I have a lot more stuff up my sleeve for this summer.  I have no comments for you at this time.  

Happy Garden Season!
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