Thursday, April 19, 2012

Blog Hijack!

Hi Guys!! This is Christy from His Story • His Glory and today I've hijacked Katherine's blog (Shhhh...don't tell her). I wanted to let you guys know a little secret. I'm was an art major too! How appropriate is it that I've hijacked "Confessions of an Art Major"? I am so diabolical. 

Anywho! I figured I would share 5 things Art Majors hear.


1) "Oh You're an art major? So I guess you draw pictures all day huh? <insert a harhar here> Must be nice!" 
FYI guys. Art Majors have to write papers, take tests, and do research projects on top of "drawing pictures". PLUS while other majors can pass their class with memorization we rely a lot on skill and if the teacher thinks our work is "aesthetically pleasing". Do you know how frustrating it is to spend hours on something, pouring your soul out on a project, to be told that it wasn't good enough and get a C or something? That's rough. PLUS they usually don't tell you what you can do to fix it. They just say start over.

2) "I wish I could be an art major and draw as good as you."
Yeah skill is part of it, but a lot of drawing skills comes from practice. If you really wanted to be an art major you would spend a lot of time drawing, therefore improving your own skills.

3)"Can you paint me something?"
We spend all day (and sometimes night), painting and drawing things. Sometime we don't want to do it in our free time too.

4)"So are all the people in your class weird?"
We are not weird! Just escentric... 

5) And last but certainly not least. "It's ok, she's an art major."
What's that suppose to mean!? Don't act like you know every answer to every question. Quick what's 1209830927901284904128 X 10298908129408129048? SEE told you. You took too long. It's ok guys. She just spends all her time reading blogs. 

Thanks for reading guys! Hope you enjoyed and were able to laugh at some of our stereotypes. While we, art majors, do have a lot of stereotypes to deal with, it is a lot of fun when you choose to do something you love so much. Hope that you guys enjoy whatever you chose to study in school! If you are going to devote your life to something, might as well be something you love to do. After all it is why God gives us those desires in the first place! 

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