Monday, August 27, 2012


Do you remember my 21 before 21 list that I made Spring of 2011?  If not, go check it out in the above tabs.  I turned twenty-one the fifteenth of August.  Woot woot.  So here is my list below and here is what I actually accomplished.

Twenty-one Bay-bee

1) work out 5 days a week for an entire month 

2) make a quilt

3) spend the night with a homeless person

4) have tea (or beignets) with a stranger and share life stories

5) go to Africa June 4, 2012  

6) make a dirty chocolate souffle

7) make my own bead curtians (psychedelic)

8) have a booth at the Ole Brook Festival selling my art  
9) re-read Redeeming Love completed May 27, 2011

10) see a friend get married completed May 12, 2012

11) have an old fashioned picnic

12) live in New Orleans (for atleast a short spell)

13) make atleast 10 recipes out of my french cookbook

14) get an adventurous haircut

15) make new life friends  completed October 2011 (love my wolfies!)

16) start my own business selling my art 

17) make and drink exotic tea for afternoon tea completed May 23, 2011

18) have a herb garden every spring  (I had mint this spring but the 'rentals killed it)

19) bond more with my sister completed Summer 2012

20) dive deeper into God's word and meditate and memorize like never before never complete

21) grow closer to God never complete either

Okay, so eight out of twenty-one.  That's not that bad, right?  Right?  Okay, so time to start my 25 before 25.   

(living da life)

Saturday, August 25, 2012

For the Love of Donuts

(we aren't those practical and sensible type of girls)

I know I've kinda been MIA.  I'm so sorry devoted readers.  You know, since I have so many devoted readers.  Hi mom!  I just needed a blogging break.  I forgive myself.  Since I last blogged, I turned twenty-one and moved back to school for my senior year.  There have been a lot of other changes in my life also but I plan to keep some of my life somewhat personal.  Exciting changes have been going on and I'm kinda starting to feel like I"m growing up.  Nah!  I have more things to blog about in the near future like my 21 before 21 list and my new dorm room and my favorite obsessions of the moment and how I'm taking a french class. Oui oui.  So, stay tuned for whole new adventures with me. 

Follow me. 

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