Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Reading Rainbow

Yeah, I know.  Let's not act like you haven't heard from  me in a million years and pretend that everything is hunky dory.  Hunky Dory?  I am officially losing it.  Anyway, I have been on a HUGE reading kick lately.  I have finished five books in two months.  That may not sound like alot to you but I rarely get this much reading finished.  Especially since I am in college and all.  I would like to share with you guys (whoever is really reading this) what books I have completed and what I thought of them (complete with pictures of course!). 

I read this book sometime in August or September, I think.  This is a biography of Julia Child, the great American-French cook.  This book is filled with her personality and trails.  I am, for some reason, intrugued by her story.  Maybe it is because it was until later in Julia's life that she started cooking.  It gives hope that you can achieve anything you want in life even if you think that it is too late.

I feel in love with this book.  This is a Christian based book that brings up the desires of every woman's heart.  You may think that it is a little far fetched to say that every single woman has this same desire but I believe it to be true.  What is this desire the book brings into light, you may ask?  The desire to be captivating, of course!  Through this book, the authors give examples of a woman's desire, pitfalls and hurts because of this, and how our Savior is here to mend our hearts so that we may be a woman reflecting Him.   

This book is one of the many that my friend, Jessica, has loaned me.  This is a fiction story written in the style of a journal.  Whitney, the main character and writer of the journal, starts writing on her thirtieth birthday.  This goes through her trails and triumphs as a single girl looking for the Lord to send her someone, getting through to her co-workers, and dealing with a friend deep in depression.  This book is also Christian based as Whitney looks to the Lord for answers.  It is a hilarious read and one of three books.  I would even go as far to say that it is a must read for any older (because 20 is old) single girl.   

This is a sequel of sorts to Eat, Pray, Love by: Elizabeth Gilbert.  When in Rome, Elizabeth meets a man named Luca Spaghetti (yes, that is his real name) and they build a friendship stronger than most.  This book is Luca's story to the world.  He recalls his childhood and displays his love for home, The Eternal City, Rome.  He goes into further detail of the story and how he felt meeting an American writer.  I love this book for many reasons.  One, I love stories of adventure and finding out more about one's self.  I also love any book dealing with another culture.  This book has both of these piled into one great read.

This is a book filled with heartache and hope.  Lakshmi is sold into sex slavery by her step father.  This is her story brought to you through poetry.  I found this book captivating and hard to put down.  The writer of this book went to Nepal and interviewed many woman who had been sold into prostitution.  This book is very eye opening and I highly recommend reading it.

I recently finished this book and it is still on my mind.  This is another book of hurt and hope.  Lily Owens wants to find out more about her dead mother even though her abusive father refuses to tell her anything.  The book is set in 1964, right in the middle of the Civil Rights Movement, filled with racism and prejudice.  This is a story that is so beautifully written that I could picture every detail in my mind.  

Although I have read some really great books lately, my reading list isn't quite finished.  Here are some more books I wish to read.  Hopefully Santa Clause will find this list and put a couple in my stocking!

* I would like to thank Google for all these images and Reading Rainbow for giving the passion to read.  Oh! and my mom.  (you always thank your mom)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Well, Hello There

Long time, no post.  I know, I know.  A little break turned into a long break.  I was really hoping to blog more during the month of October because it is my favorite month and I wanted to post about really cute fall craft projects.  Oh well...Now I can post about Thanksgiving and Christmas ideas.  Is anyone else out there into Pinterest as much as I am?  I don't know.  I love Pinterest!  I wanted to share with you my favorite food ideas that I found.   November is officially the month to eat...right?

white chocolate pumpkin cups

breakfast squares

tomato soup with grilled cheese croutons

red velvet hot chocolate

pumpkin and cream cheese wontons with caramel dip

Okay so that last one wasn't a recipe idea.  However, I really want to make those mantle blocks.  Stay tuned to see if I do ;)

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