Friday, April 27, 2012

Send me a Cupcake

1. Going to Bren'ts Drugstore in Fondren.  Anyday.  Everyday.
2. Cupcakes in the caf.  Cupcakes in my dorm.  Cupcakes period.
3. Mary Kay parties and with free facials during finals
4. Finishing Finals!!
5. Winnning an Africa shirt from Lee, Me, and the Girls.

I hope everyone is having a great Friday.  This isn't a real Friday for me.  I'm in the middle in finals.  I finished one this morning after two hours and three typed pages.  Essay form finals.  Gross.  I have two more finals tomorrow.  Yes.  I have a final at eight in the morning on a Saturday.  Ouch.  I won't  be done until Tuesday.  Until then, I will live off of cupcakes and prayers.   

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