Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Night of the Twisters and Other Various Flying Objects

There is alot to catch you guys up on since we last  First of all, there was a monsterous tornado that hit my second home...a.ka. Clinton.  The tornado touched and destroyed many homes and businesses.  Thankfully, no one died.  The Lord was truly watching over Clinton.  Here are some disaster pics:
This is a cabin at the camp I have worked at for two summers, Camp Garaywa.

This is my American Lit teacher's childhood home.  Her mother was in there when it turned over and came out with only a broken nose!

These pictures are from the Camp Director of Camp Garaywa. She took amazing photos of damage. Yes, God was really protecting us but I was not in Clinton at the time. I was in Tupelo with my friend Amanda. I stayed with her in her apartment Thursday night and Friday we left for Destin to celebrate her sister's bachelorette party. I won't comment on that but let me fill you in on Thursday night. We went to eat at this fast food Italian place and it was awesome.

This is my amazing pizza.

This is Amanda being dramatic as usual.

I do love good times with great friends though!  I leave for Australia in 31 days!!  I am actually facebook friends with some of the awesome aussies already.  I just know that they a great people and I can't wait to (officially) meet them.  Yesterday I did some art projects with my friend Jessica and I also went to a painting studio for my cousin's birthday.  Here is how my works turned out:
Australia, coffee bean style, and a stitched heart over East Fremantle :)

An owl for Swannanoa.

I am very please with how they turned out.  I am also working on a pillow with Jessica and Sarah Friday.  We are stitching birds on them :).  I will have to show you how they turn out.  Cross your fingers.  Here is my finished journal for Australia:

I love it!  Stay tuned for more crazy adventures, crafty projects, and boring mundane life.
(is that how you spell mundane?)


  1. Love the coffee bean canvas! Turned out amazing!

  2. I like the dramatic pic of Amanda! ha
    and I like your journal.
    and I'm glad Garaywa didn't get too much damage!

  3. AND I can't wait to finish our pillows!!!


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