Monday, March 4, 2013

Muh Man Candy

So, what's up with this new thing on Instagram?  As if I didn't already know how super lonely I am, you people on Instagram come up with this "Man Candy Monday" thing.  What a disgrace to our culture as human beings.  I find it degrading and junk but other than that, it really got me thinking about my man candy.  Who is muh man candy?  I mean every girl has someone that they are super attracted to.  Most girls these days are into Channing Tatum.  See, I'm not really a Tatum fan.  I think it's his head shape.  Not really my cup of tea.  So, who is my man candy you ask?  None other than THE Nick Miller.  No, not Jake Johnson.  Nick Miller.  The character.  The fiction being on New Girl.

Super attractive.  Am I right?

We are both grumpy and alone.  We hate doing stuff.  We have annoying roommates.  (Just kidding, Sabrina)  We both want to publish our books, dangit!  We have extremely misfortunate and rare things happen to us.  Don't ask me how many times airport security has patted me down.  And this one time at the World Trade Center monument.  We both dropped out of law school and became bartenders.  Okay, so that really hasn't happened to me but I'm not a lawyer.

Reasons that I am perfect for Nick Miller:

We both say things at the wrong time, badly.

We don't like to do things.

We both have high expectations from life.

And, we both are the unluckiest people I know.

So, there you have it.  The four top reasons why my man candy, Nick Miller, and I should be together.  This doesn't even cover "Woman Candy Wednesday".  Does anyone know if it is narcissistic to put up pictures of yourself?    

Me and Nick Miller take on the world.
In the meantime, I'm linking up above.
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