Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Loving You

1.  I'm really into breakfast coffee.  Maybe it is because it's mild and I'm not really one who likes her coffee to knock her socks off.  There are only a few coffees that I can drink black and breakfast coffee is one of those.  May I point out that I'm also really into using my k-cups now.  Mainly because they are easy to clean up and less mess.  I'm lazy.

2.  I'm craving candles.  I love the smell and the ambiance.  I'm so sick and tired of my little Scentsy right.  Bless her soul.  I'm just sick of breaking off little blocks of wax that doesn't smell good anymore.  I might sneak a candle in the dorm.  Shhh!  I'm also going to add that I love warm scents.  VanillaSandalwoodAmber.  You get the drift.

3.  I love Girls.  The end.  End of story.  No more comments necessary.  It's HBO, what can I say?  Lena Dunham is a really really good writer.  And I want a job like hers.  I need to get better skills.  I'm going to be screenwriter.  And I mean it.

4.  I'm leaving for the Art Education Association conference Thursday.  I'm super excited.  Why?  Free Stuff!  No really, I walked away from New York last year with bundles of free art samples.  Heck yes.  Oh yeah, and I want to learn how to teach the masses how beautiful life can be when filled with glitter and paint and Jackson Pollock.  Or something like that.

5.  I'm working on my annual planning of the herb garden again.  Every year I plan on my epic herb garden that never happens.  Or gets eaten by cats.  Well let me tell you something, this year it's happenin'.  I'm going to have a little mint plant.  I'm going to have a little rosemary and dill too.  It's going to be great!   

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