Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Kiss Me, I'm Irish

I'm pretty sure that I've already mentioned that I'm a lipstick girl.  I hate lipgloss.  Nothing says sexy quite like getting hair stuck to your lips.  This post was inspired by my newest purchase in the middle.  I think that shade of pink is perfect for spring.  So, I pulled out my top seven lipsticks to share with you.  Maybe you will find something you've been looking for.  

1)  Mary Kay's Dusty Rose.
2)  Clinique's Sugared Maple
3)  Maybelline's Red Revival
4)  Revlon's Stormy Pink
5)  L'Oreal's Peach Fuzz
6)  Revlon's Kiss Me Coral
7)  Rimmel's Fancy

I really am Irish.

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