Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Take a Look, It's in a Book

Hiya guys.  What would you do if I gave some book reviews today?  Love me forever?  Since the last review, I have read five books.  Two of which are filled with Iranian culutre and facts, one with Mexican meals and romance, one is Bible-belting it all the way, and the another is an exploration of a fancy foreign land.  I can seriously say that these next five books are some of the best that I've ever read.  So, I'm going to quit dragging this out and just get to it.  

The Twenty-One Balloons
by: William Pene du Bois

This is a beautifully written children's book from the 1940's.  This book explores the lost island of Krakatoa.  One retired teacher decides to travel around the world in a hot air balloon to relax and avoid people.  Instead, he gets is adventure.  I won't give anything away but this book is full of wonder and surprise.  It even contains a magical unheard of land.  

A Year of Biblical Womanhood
by: Rachel Held Evans

Rachel Held Evans journeys through the Bible and seeks to live a complete year of biblical womanhood.  She takes every word literally, going as far to live in a tent during her period.  Each month she explores a new virtue or characteristic about the "biblical woman".  What I loved most about this book was the truth.  There were many stories that had me laughing out loud (seriously) but it also tied everything together with the meaning of each passage and how that applies to our daily lives.  It's not about turning into this magical soft-spoken (unless you aren't a bit like me and are in fact, soft-spoken) woman but instead being who God made you and glorifying Him in that.

Funny in Farsi
by: Firoozeh Dumas

I loved the formatting of this book.  The chapter titles where what first attracted me.  Firoozeh travels to America from Iran when she is seven years old.  Her family plans to only stay for two years while her father is working as engineer.  What really happens is Firoozeh and her family make a new permanent home.  This book navigates through those funny cross-cultural moments when anyone is put in a different setting.  You will not only love this book but the characters in it.  Especially Firoozeh's dad.  He was my favorite.

The Complete Persepolis
by: Marjane Satrapi

After reading Funny in Farsi, I was excited to read this book because both characters are native Iranians.  This is a graphic novel that not only entertained me but also taught me so much more about the Iranian Revolution than I could ever learn from a history textbook.  This author is not only a talented writer but also a talented artist.  Her drawings capture emotion and heartache that keeps reader connected to the story.  I couldn't put this book down.  I recommend it to any and everyone.  It will in my fav five for a while.

Like Water for Chocolate
by: Laura Esquivel

I must admit that I didn't know that this book existed.  I had previously seen the adapted movie version late one night on cable.  I was in an used bookstore when the title caught my attention.  I knew how the book would end before reading yet I still enjoyed reading this book so much.  I love the characters and the author really has one of the most romantic love stories planted in her book.  It is full of emotion and energy that takes the reader along with it.  You go up and then you go down with each character (especially the main one).  This is a must read for any romance lover.

To sum it all up,
read more berks.

What do you like to read?

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