Thursday, January 5, 2012

Wee Bit Behind

I didn't get the memo that you were supposed to have a blog post about your resolutions, goals, word, ect. for the upcoming year.  Seeing as it is the fifth of January, I am a wee bit behind.  I do want to post on this subject, however.  Let me warn you that this post may lack the interest you are looking for.  Anyway, here goes...

10 things, good or bad, about 2011


ms. monroe leaving me and going home


good grades in the fall

bad grades in the spring

my mom's many hospital visits

getting a little in swannanoa

getting accepted to go to malawi

new life callings

surviving (thanks Jesus)

10 to accomplish in 2012

  • have a life-changing experience on my soon approaching New Orleans trip
  • raise money for Malawi
  • fall in love with Malawi
  • better grades
  • start my senior year of college
  • grow closer to my family
  • grow closer to my Savior
  • complete my 21 before 21 list
  • be satisfied with my lack of love life everything in my life
  • keep surviving

Here is a button that I made.  It's beachier than I intended.  This button sums up a growing period that I had this year.  I'm not who I want to be.  Yet.  This is a pic that I took on the most breath-taking beach in Australia.  I used orange writing because it looked good and it was Ms. Monroe's favorite color.  Feel free to take.  You can upload it to photobucket to get a code to add to a sidebar if desired.

Enjoy your 2012!

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