Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Highway Run

Valentine's Lament

What does one know of thine deepest desire?

Desires that are choosen by mortal hearts or One greater than fate,

To desire the one I love is only a feeling deep within,

Not shared among the poetry clubs or posted on the silver screen,

For if I let my desire for you out of the caged chamber,

It would surely float up into the heavens like a forlorn balloon,

Never again to return to its owner,

But if I secretly hide my admiration deep within,

Surely I can't get scorned by love's burning fire,

Yet still you will never know the impact of one single embrace,

Or the longing of my heart for your gentle kiss,

Surely it is better to hide love's secrets inside and never know what could have been,

Than to be vunerable and let love be on display for all of scoffer's laugh.

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