Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hey Ya

So much to write and so little time.  First of all, I want to say that I'm super excited and ready to receive a journal in the mail.  I'm participating in a journal swap with Aleks Homemade.  I had her name and she has already received her journal from me.  You can read about it here.  I'm so excited that she likes the journal.  I can't wait to find mine in the mailbox!  This has been a great experience so far. 

(awkward transition)

In other news, I am in Printmaking this semester.  I'm excited to be doing woodcuts right now.  Here is my wood (pre-all cut up) as I prepared my design in Sharpie. 

What do you think?  A whimsical couple kissing.  I know.  However, I did slice my thumb wide open today as chopped this little beauty into splinters.  Ouch.

(another awkward transition)

Now, last topic for today's blog post.  I am going to Malawi this summer.  Yay.  I need money for Malawi.  Boo.  I am selling shirts to raise money.  Yay.  I'm selling these shirts in these three colors for $15 to help me get to Malawi.  I will be working in an orphanage and sharing Christ's love.  Pray for me please. 


Thanks for reading. 
If you got this far, you deserve a cookie.

Comment Away.

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