Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Story to Share

So, my great aunt (grandmother's sister) has been out of her mind for three days. She has been jerking and talking nonsense. She is in a nursing home and the test results were not clear. Yesterday they found out she had another stroke. My family did not tell me but hospice was contacted because the outlook was so grim. They were looking for her to die at any minute. The family was even called in so to speak. Today my grandmother (who got facebook because of this trip) facebook chatted that she got a phone call from her sister-in-law who handed the phone to my great aunt. She now can talk and is in her right mind. She doesn't remember what happened but is herself today sitting up and everything. The doctors are dumb founded but we know it is Jesus. Praise the Lord that He is in control. Satan is working hard at leading us astray from what God has called us to this summer but the Lord is still sovereign. We are victorious!

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you have to start somewhere!

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