Monday, July 4, 2011

Stars and Stripes Forever

Wow!  I just had a hard time picking a title for this blog post.  I wanted to show my gratitude for being an American without sounding like a total hick.  That is a fine line, my friends.  Sorry that I haven't blogged in a while.  I was waiting for some quality decent photos.  I've had alot of fun time in the Freo area lately.  This past Saturday was really fun.  My partner, Britney, and I met with a couple of other Americans in Perth and some pretty cool Aussies too.  We went to the Freo markets which are really lovely.  We then stopped at a vendor and each got a henna tattoo.  We of course had to get something Australian.  We opted for the flag.  Then they took us to this really good burger place called Jus Burgers.  It was really good and a nice American treat for me.  That night, we attended the other American's youth group night at Lakeside.  I forgot to mention that we had our "American Night" the previous night and it was a success!  We had chili dogs and play American trivia Jeopardy.  The next day, Sunday, we had an all-American lunch.  Fried chicken, home-made mac n cheese, corn, and pumpkin pie were on the menu.  I can't forget the sweet tea!  How I savored that tea!  After my food coma, I was able to go back out to Freo again tonight with my East Freo homies.  We went to San Churros.  This is the best place ever.  They sell the best chocolate in the world!  I got a white chocolate fondu for two and shared.  I have had an amazing weekend and start to my week.  I hope the rest of week follows suite.  :) Picture time:

can you spot the aussie?

this is an awful pic of me but I was supremely happy with my glass coke bottle.

san churros love..

*courtesy of pinterest
thank you God for blessing my country and letting me live there.


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