Thursday, July 14, 2011

Missing Mississippi

Let's be honest.  I'm not a super missionary girl.  I do get homesick and I do think about home while I am gone.  I also miss the little everyday things that a small southern town presents.  I just want to share with you now what I am missing to help me cope. 

     I miss...



summer treats

the brookhaven babes

tomato sandwiches

camplife and camp friends

being in the south
(yeah i said it)

summer legs
(i promise i am wearing appropriate clothes)

adventures with the room mate
(playing i spy)


I hope everyone's summer is going great.  My winter is amazing.  Want proof?  Go read under the Australia tab.  Want to make me feel loved? 

*thank you pinterest for supplying with lots of photos.

feel free to comment....


  1. The Brookhaven Babes! hahaha wow!
    I miss you a lot!
    I can't believe you pulled out the South paragraph! haha.. It will be nice to go back home for a bit though :)

  2. yeah..ha ha i was having a moment. i do like the town i was raised in though. you do too! ha ha brookhaven babes gonna find some hawties. :) that one was just for you.


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