Saturday, December 15, 2012

Sweet Sixteen

Happy Birthday! 
My sister, Madeline, turned sixteen today.  This only means one thing.  We're twins!  Because I can't possibly be much older than her.  It was only yesterday when I was begging for a new cell phone and learning how to drive.  Sad truth: I'm a senior in college, staring the real world in its ugly face.  Anyway, I'm glad my family came together to celebrate Macy's life.  Cool fact: I call my sister Macy.  I don't know why.  It just rolled off my tongue one day when I was trying to call her Mae (the rest of my family calls her Mae) and it just stuck.  I can't believe she is sixteen.  Our age difference is slowly getting shorter and shorter.  Soon we will be those middle-aged sisters fighting the crowds together on Black Friday for the best deals.  Or making each other casseroles and junk.  For now, let's just watch movies together.  I'm not ready to grow up.

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