Thursday, December 13, 2012

Susie Q

Does anyone remember that Backstreet Boys' song "What Makes You Different"?  The song proceeds to let me girls know that what makes them different, makes them beautiful.  Much better than singing about how insecurities are attractive.  Cough cough.  One Direction.  Anywho, this got me thinking about quirks.  I love that word.  Especially since it starts with a "q" and I love words that start with a "q".  See what I did there?  That is a quirk.  So I've compiled my own list of my special quirks to share with you.  So generous and entertaining, I know.

1.  I carry my passport with me wherever I go.  In fact, I grabbed it when I packed for Christmas break because you never no when you will have to leave the country at a minutes notice.  I am prepared to hop a plane at all times.  Apparently this isn't normal. 

2.  I love foxes!  I don't know why.  I just love how they are orange and have little whiskers and snouts.  They are the cutest.

3.  I wear matching pajama sets to bed.  I call them jam-jams.  My favorite set happens to be pink with peppermints on them.  I wear them all year long.  Pajamas know no season.

4.  I have a stuffed animal.  He is a opossum.  I named him Alan.

5.  I want to travel all day, everyday.  This might be a reason I carry my passport everywhere.  I'm not ready to settle.  I'm ready to explore.

6.  I seriously want to live out of an RV.  It's an Airstream love story.  Baby, just say yes.

7.  I also want to be a tour guide.  I don't know why.  I just think it would be a fun job to show people around a part of the world that you are in love with.  At least for just a short spell of my life.  I also can't wait to wear one of those headband microphone thingys.

8.  I choose lipstick over lip gloss any day.  I especially like red lipstick.  Or bright pink.  Besides, lip gloss is sticky.  Who wants to put goo on their lips?  Not me.  I've also never worn chap stick.  Knock on wood.

9.  My favorite food of all time is egg rolls.  Any kind of egg roll but especially the vegetable kind.  If you want to win my heart, buy me a platter of egg rolls.  No, seriously you can.  I took some to a party once.

10.  I have this thing with pots.  No, not marijuana.  I like images of vases and jars and little pots.  I like what they symbolize to me.  It reminds me that my Father is the potter and I am the clay.  When my world is spinning like clay on a potter's wheel, His hands are around me.  He is shaping me into what He wants me to be.  It also symbolizes how He uses us as vessels.  He pours His Spirit into us and allows us to be a part of His great work.  Amen sistah.  

Speaking of weird people, I have this friend named Jessica.  She has a problem.  She cleaned out her car today.  This is just smidgen of what came out of it.

Sistah girl gotta problem.

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