Monday, May 9, 2011

Shots of Summer

I've been really blog lazy lately.  I do give myself the supreme excuse of finishing my sophomore year of college.  I finished all my exams and now (well, since last monday) get a short dose of lazy freedom.  How great is it to know that you can be 100 percent lazy all day and know that it's okay?  It feels great!  I do want to take advantage of this time that I have here in Mississippi though.  I mean, I only leave for Australia in 12 days.  12 DAYS!!  I'm freaking.  I hope I can get some great times and memories done in this short period of time though.  Last Tuesday I went and played Bunco with my cousin.  She is part of a really fun Bunco team and they invited me over as a substitute.  I had never played Bunco in my life but I was the last girl to have a Big Bunco and therefore, got a prize at the end.  It was the cutest little set from Bath and Body Works.  After Bunco, I traveled to visit a friend.  We had a great time doing nothing.  I stayed with her until Saturday night.  The whole point of my visit was to creep her "date" with an ex-boyfriend at the movies.  I was so into the movie that I forgot I was supposed to watch her.  We saw Fast Five.  I recommend it.  Then, this Sunday was Mother's Day and I got to spend the day with my wonderful mother.  I think she is the best.  I love everything about her even when she drives me crazy.  I've been making earrings lately to add to my Confessions collection.  Be sure to check it out:  Here are some pictures of my life lately:

My photographer/best friend decided to give me a photo shoot.  Here are three of my favorites.

This one truly captures my diva persona.

She has talent.

This is the same friend I visited.  Here I am acting even more diva as we eat at an old outdoor cafe/old drive-in(?).

Then we got cake pops!


Earrings that I made.  This is just a teaser. :)

Please feel free to comment.  12 DAYS TO AUSTRALIA!!  I am pumped.

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