Saturday, May 21, 2011

Jumping Jehosaphat

The adventure begins tomorrow.  Yes, that is right, I am leaving for Australia TOMORROW.  Tomorrow morning to be exact.  Why yes, I am pumped.  I am also a little nervous.  This will be the longest I've been away from home and I can't call. :(  Thank the Lord for skype!  I'm just going to use my Garaywa skills and give myself a stuffed animal, special ice, and not think about it.  I'm also a combination of nervous/excited for the plane ride.  Please pray that it goes smoothly.  I don't have a photo for today but I do have a wonderful story about today.  Today, I got up a little later than I had hoped and went to my grandmother's house.  She mended a cardigan for me while I chilled in my pajamas.  I got a message from my friend Rebecca asking if I could meet her and some friends for lunch.  Of course my reply was yes.  Then my mom called and asked me to check out my sister and bring her to work.  I did my sisterly duties and then visited my friends at Wendy's for a late lunch.  Then two of my friends left to run errands.  My friend Jessica rode with me.  She then anounced that she had to pick up something from the church.  This is nothing unusual.  She always has something to pick up from the church.  So we went into the family life center and BAM! There was a surprise party for me!  I've never had a surprise party before.  It was awesome.  My mom, sister, both grandmothers, aunt, great aunt and uncle, cousins, friends and more were there to see me.  Everyone wrote me a letter too!  My friends even bought my favorite candy - White Chocolate Reese's!  There were signs hung on the walls and they decorated coke bottles for daisies!  My friends are the absolute best!  I had the most wonderful time and I was truly surprised.  Thank you Jessica and Sarah! 

..all the single ladies, all the single ladies..

HAWTIES!  Australia boys holla!
or in Jessica's case, Asian.
Check ya later in different Time Zone..

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