Friday, May 4, 2012


Blog Buddy Interview
check out Jessica at Nail Polish Anonymous

1)  How did you get into blogging? I got into blogging when I kept seeing so many other nail blogs so I was like I can do that too, I like nail polish, I have alot of nail polish and designs to show the world so I started blogging and I love it.

2)  When did you first get interested in nail polish? I have this thing for sparkles I love anything that sparkles and stands out and it's art on your hands and I love art. So when I first saw someone with nail art on their nails when i was about 8 I would take pen and magic markers and try to draw on my nails drove my parents nut.

3)  What is your favorite nail design so far? I love all nail designs I have so many that pop into mind but out of my designs I like my eye of the tiger design..... but they keep on changing

4)  How do you want to grow in the future? I want to grow and never stop, I want to encourage people with my nail designs and introduce them to different things that they never thought that could work and I want them to be able to try it. Tha'ts why I never turn down trying a new polish or creating a funky design.

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