Sunday, May 27, 2012

Hype girl

Tomorrow my dear friend, Jessica, leaves for South Korea.  You know Jessica.  I have blogged about her many times.  You might remember this picture of her:

(sorry for the bad quality from a phone)

Jessica spent the summer in South Korea last summer also.  She will be working with North Korean refugees.  If you don't know much about the crisis in North Korea then you should check it out here.  She will also be sharing the love of Christ as she and her team teach the refugees English.  Please pray for my friend and her team.  Also pray for the refugees as they adjust to life in South Korea and some receive love for the first time in their life.  I'm going to miss my hype girl. 

(Talyr, Me, and Jessica)

If you would like to hear more from Jessica, let me know.  I can't share her blog link here for privacy and safety reasons but if you want updates, I can give you the link in an email.  In other news, the church picnic today didn't dissapoint.  Sometimes I'm glad I'm baptist for the food.  Ha ha.  No, really I'm just a Christian girl living in a broken world.  

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