Thursday, May 31, 2012

Crush on You

What up?  It is time for me to share my Current Crush again.  Man, time flies.  Wasn't it Thursday yesterday?  Whatever.  This week I'm crushing on Zucchini!   

I know what you are thinking.  One: you look gross.  (I know, I know.  It was one of those all natural, no make-up, let your hair air-dry type of days.)  Two:  why is zucchini so crush-worthy?  You see, I picked these giant vegetables from my grandmother's garden.  Now, I'm not crushing on the zucchini as much as I'm crushing on the zucchini bread I'm baking tomorrow.  It might sound gross but it is oh so good.  Stay tuned for the recipe and results tomorrow. 

    I'm linking up to Framed Frosting and leaving for Malawi in 4 days. One, two, three, four. Let the panic attack begin.

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