Thursday, March 15, 2012

If You Like Pina Coladas

I know, I know....Let's pretend that I've actually updated my blog within the past month.  Sometimes you just get into a slump.   I do have some updates for you guys, however.  I spent March 1st on a plane headed to New York City.  I went on the trip with my college's chapter of the Art Education Association.  It was truly magical.  While I do consider myself more of a "Big Easy" girl than a "Big Apple" girl, it was wonderful.  After NYC, it was time for Spring Break!  My friends and I, the Wolfpack, stuffed my car with luggage and headed for the Florida beaches.  We stayed on Pensacola Beach in Gulf Breeze.  We had a blast.  There is nothing like the beach with your wolfies.  Now, I'm at home with my Brookhaven friends and back in the mood to blog like crazy.  Blogging fever always hits me in the spring and fall.  So..if you are still reading this blog, you are amazing.  You win a million dollars...not.  Thanks for reading, though!

me and Starry big deal

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Just a Jackson Pollock

Wolfpack at the Lobster

If you like virgin Pina Coladas..
and getting caught in the rain..

Beach bums

Comment Away.

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