Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Art Journal

As you might have noticed from my last post, I am now on Bloglovin.  I'm so excited about this new way to keep up with the blogs that I love and now you can follow me there too!  Also, I promised you guys that I would about my new art journal.  My best artistic moments happen when I least expect them to.  Monday night I was just hanging out with my friends Hannah and Olivia.  Hannah blogs over at Girl Meets World.  We were in a crafty mood but, we had no idea what we were going to make.  I've had this box of colored paper since 2009.  It is still filled to the top with paper in every color you could want.  So, we decided to make journals.  I think they turned out nice.  We looked up journal prompts on the ever-so awesome internet and wrote a prompt on the top of each page.  I think I am mostly going to draw in mine.  It is my art journal.

I'm so excited to fill this journal up with my dreams and hopes!


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