Friday, April 12, 2013

Insta Five Friday (Book Edition)

1.  I had the pleasure of spending last weekend with some of my best friends.
2.  Jessica and I can't be left alone in a bookstore.
3.  We are starting a book club!  Please let me know if you want to join.
4.  I have a secret reading spot.  I go there in my car when I want to get away and read and read.
5.  This is my latest read.  I have two more after this one to finish before May.

More on the book club later.


  1. ooh. did you buy all those books? lucky girl! I love having a pile of fresh books just waiting to be read!

    Laura @

  2. stopping by from InstaFriday... your blog title sparked my curiosity. I was an art major myself, way back when. I have a few confessions myself. Lol. // I remember hearing about Kabul Beauty School. And now I remember that I wanted to read it. Maybe that will have to be my next book club pick. // Have a great week! xo, ab

    1. Thanks Laura and Anne for the comments. Unfortunately, I couldn't get all those books. I did walk away with three. It's a process I go through to pick the perfect books. Ha ha. My friend also had a stash in there.


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