Sunday, February 17, 2013


Wanderlust is a strong, innate desire to rove or travel about.  I was born with a huge bout of wanderlust.  Usually I am very proud of my wanderlust.  I travel.  I wander.  I find new and exciting things.  I go on adventures.  I culture myself a bit.  

However, my wanderlust seems to overflow to other aspects of my life.  My spiritual life.  My only life that matters.  I am prone to wander.  I run.  When things get real, I get in my car drive far, far away.  I drive away from the hands that heal and comfort and protect.  

I like to hold on to bitterness.  I like to hug pride and dig my claws into selfishness.  I want them near me because I am familiar with them.  They make me look more human instead of the alien that I am.

One of my favorite things about my salvation is that works mean nothing.  When you ask God for forgiveness He gives it then and there.  You don't have to read so many chapters in your Bible, you don't have to finish a workbook, memorize scripture, or give so much money.  He grabs you and pulls you into an embrace immediately.  

The thing is, that I'm going to mess up again.  I'm going to stretch my arm just so I can reach some selfishness.  I'm going to snatch bitterness back up.  This side of heaven, I'm always going to fail. God, however, is still going to be merciful.  He is still going to reach down and grab me up.  He is going to hold me.  He is going to see me grip the steering wheel so I can control my own life and He will wait for me to wreck and then hold me once again.  

This, my friends, is something worth having.  

A Savior who keeps saving.    


  1. Lovely words, written beautifully.. I had a case of wanderlust for most of my twenties! Have only just settled down in the last few years!

    I'm visiting from Monday Meet Up!

    Aanika from

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