Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Commentary from the Couch

Oh Nick, you're a major cheapskate.

I want to go to a cabin in the woods.

Please don't make a fried chicken and watermelon joke.

Two words.  Sexy.  Boggle.

I would handle a gun pretty much the same way Jess did.

The Green Fairy!?!

"If crack cocaine is what you want, then crack cocaine is what you'll get." -Schmidt

Sam after absinthe.  Hilarious.

Hmm...frozen yogurt or crack.  It's whatever you want.  Hard decision.

Is it because I'm black?  Check out this video.  Makes me laugh every time.

"I'm sorry I thought you and the bread had an open relationship." - Jess

"Our people"?  When did Schmidt become black?

...Then a bird painting ruins it all.

Why, Angie, why!?!

...And more green fairy.

Mindy has had a pretty rough year.  That is why I like her.  We're twinsies.

I like your resolution number two.  Same here, sistah.

Work it, Mindy.  We are so similar.  Especially when it comes to working out. 

Hunger Game checks?  Mocking Jay points?  I want.

I think Mindy's brother is really cute. :)

"Steeze has multiple meanings." -Morgan.  I love him.

Well.  well. well.  It's the midwife.  

I love the debate over rocks, stones, pebbles.

"I tough love you!" -Mindy

Chloe Silverado? 

I love the hot stone treatment scene.

What is Betsy, Shauna, and Dr. Castellano doing at the Rap Out?

Laughing at Mindy's commentary to the lyrics while on stage.

"How about Nice Cube?" -Mindy

And this is what I do with my life.
Comment away.

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