Sunday, October 21, 2012

Princess Witness Protection Program

I know I've been away for a while.  I have a legitimate excuse.  Last night I was almost murdered.  Okay so that might sound a little dramatic but it could be true.  Let me elaborate.  After supper last night, my friends and I decided to go somewhere (anywhere) to get out of the dorms.  After walking around the mall and getting tiaras at the dollar store, we were driving back to the dorms.  My tire started to make a weird noise so I pulled on the side of the road and turned my hazard lights on.  While I was outside the car, I got a chill that I've never felt before.  I ran back to the car and I was putting the car in drive, when I noticed a car pull behind me.  It was a white Yukon type of vehicle.  Then I saw the blue lights.  Blue lights on the dashboard and in the grill.  Not a good sign.  I rolled down my window and yelled that we were fine.  The "officer" came to my window wearing camo and barely said two words.  He didn't identify himself.  He didn't ask for my license and registration.  He was clearly shocked to see my friend in the backseat roll down her window.  My hand was on the gear shift the whole time.  We may or may not have been wearing our tiaras and talking obnoxiously the whole time.  Clearly a sign of drunkenness.  We weren't drunk, by the way.  That's just my personality.  When he walked back to his car, he made a u-turn and sped to the highway.  We called 911.  There were no unmarked cars on patrol that night.  There are alot of questions we could ask.  What if I had been alone?  This isn't a "be careful" lesson.  This is a God's provision lesson.  God has plans.  End of story. 


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