Thursday, December 16, 2010

To the Land of Oz and Beyond

     Just because enquiring minds want to know; I am going to Australia this summer.  No, not just a trip to Australia but I will be living in Australia for almost three months.  I going to Australia for summer missions.  I am so excited!  I know this has little to nothing to do with art but I thought it was worth the mention.  Maybe I'll get some art inspiration while I am there and be able to share it with you.  Most of all though, I will be sharing the love and desire of our God there to children and youth.  On a completely different note, I am finally finished with my fall semester at MC!  I am finally done with Acrylic Paint!  No more boring pointless stories and jokes and lectures!  I will have a harder and less eventful (maybe) next semester.  I will be taking mostly core classes.  I was told that I was behind in my core classes and way too ahead in my art classes.  I did that on purpose.  I mean like I'm ever really going to need to know the square root of pi as an art teacher.  Come on!  So anyway, I am home in my hometown just relaxing and ready for CHRISTMAS!  I feel that I get more excited (atleast this year) about Christmas as I get older.  While I am here though, I have run into a little conflict we call relationships.  No, not little petty bf/gf relationships (do I sound bitter?), but rather old friendships that have kind of taken a... oh how should I put it?....crash and burn.  If you didn't know me in highschool (hallelujah), I was sort of a door mat.  I have people in my life that I just kind of let run all over me.  About year and half ago though, I decided that I had out grown that and I have better things and better relationships in my life so I cut the cord with the damaging relationships.  Now, as I am clearly home for Christmas and around my hometown friends, things get complicated.  Especially when you have mutual friends.  Oh dear, this is just a bunch of venting that is unnecessary and unrelated to this blog.  I do like the occasional vent though.  That's about all I have for this posting.  Stay tuned please.

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