Monday, October 25, 2010

The Pressures of Acrylic Painting

So, I am in an acrylic painting class.  That's right.  Your run of the mill art class.  WRONG!  Did I mention I have an INSANE painting professer?  Well, I do!  Let me start by saying that while I am working on a piece of work, I do not under any circumstances what someone to point out what I need to do while I am still working on it. Did you catch that? Still WORKING on it.  I hate it when someone (said instructor) tells me to add more green on my squash when I am painting the corn and haven't even started on the squash yet!  If that isn't bad enough, I really really hate it when someone (said instructor) decides that even though I'm not finished they can take my brush and start painting it themselves.  I was so upset the last time I went to acrylic painting that I skipped the next class.  I want to paint my own picture in my own style with my own hand.  That's enough of my rant.  Till next time.

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