Sunday, January 30, 2011

Google is a dictator

I would first like to make sure everyone has noticed that I have some nice musical selections for you guys down at the bottom of my blog's page.  I was hoping that the music would start on its own but no such luck.  I would also like to say that google is taking over the web.  Yes, I have now stated my conspiracy theory of the moment.  First, I couldn't access my youtube account due to the fact that you had to have a google account.  Today, I couldn't access my blog because I use yahoo!  It is an abomination!  Anyway, I will find out Tuesday where I am exactly going this summer.  Hopefully I will get my first choice but if I don't that is okay also.  I will probably maybe try to blog when I find out.  I know I don't blog alot but this is really the most I've ever kept up with something of this sort.  Also, please ignore all my gramatical errors.  It hurts my head to think about it.  In art related news, I am learning how to crochet.  It should be an adventure.  I will let you guys know when I actually create something.  I should be contacting you in five years if I'm really lucky!  One more thing about Australia this summer.  I am selling shirts for $15 to help fund my way there.  I am only taking orders till March 31st.  I would apperciate your contribution.  Please and thank you. 

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