Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New Year

Alot has happened since I last wrote here in my blog.  Yeah, I'm not that good with commitment.  Anyway, I have decided to continue to write here in Mr. Blog.  Let me catch you guys up on some things that have happened lately.  First of all, I am about to enter my sophomore year in college and I am transferring to Mississippi College.  I'm pretty excited about that.  Granted, I am also extremely nervous.  I have to stay to stay on the Dean's list and be social and work.  I have to get real balanced real fast.  Last semester at Co-lin, I was in Ceramics 1.  How did that go you may ask?  Let's look at a picture of me after a week on the pottery wheel:

Enough said.  I also forgot to mentioned that my major is still in art but with an emphasis on education.  So yep, I'm an art education major.  Something I said I would never do.  I really hope to reach out to people through art.  It's kinda my passion.  I'll blog some more in a minute because I'm skyping with my friend, Amanda, now.  Later.

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