Friday, June 22, 2012

Seeking Beauty

I figured that since I have already shared some heartbreak from Malawi and that I have more heartbreak to share, I should take a break and share some beauty.  I have come to find that there is beauty within every broken life, family, community.  That is how God works.  The point is to seek Him to find the beauty. 

On our last day, we went to Lake Malawi.  It was truly the most beautiful lake that my eyes have ever seen.  The pictures do it no justice.  The sand was different.  It shined in a whole new way.  The water was a clear blue that held no debris and off to the side massive rocks jutted up to the sky.  Our God is an artist that blesses my creative soul so much. 

More beautiful than the lake was the people that I had the priviledge to work with.  Our college team consisted of five other people.  Nicole, Rob, Tori, Zach, Allison, and I were more unitied than I could have imagined.  It was amazing to see how God worked in our lives.  Changed forever.

Speaking of beautiful people, we also worked with a team of thirty from Arizona.  It was a family trip that had five year olds, grandfathers, and everyone in between.  They were a blessing to work with.  How beautiful to see two children from different worlds playing together as if they had known each other their whole lives. 

More beautiful yet, the African Bible College students.  These students have the heart for their community.  Sure, I have traveled across the world to "take love" but what have I done in my own community?  These students are changing their worlds.  They are changing my world. 

Malawi may have had much suffering, but it also carried a beauty that I had to travel across the world to find.  The truth is that God has that same true beauty in Brookhaven, Mississippi.  I just have to seek Him to find it.  I am excited to see why God has called me to spend a part of my summer in my hometown.  I know He has plans and is using this time to prepare me for something in my future.  I am leaving with my church's youth group Monday to help with their summer camp.  I am excited to see God move in their and my own life. 

(from my own youth camp days)

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  1. Oh my gah! Look at us, I love the pic from summer camp!

    I am loving reading your posts about Malawi. They are very moving and challenging. I'm also glad to see how God is changing your heart and can't wait to see how He uses you and what He teaches you at home this summer :D

    Love and miss you!


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