Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Her name is Mercy and she is an orphan.
On the seventh day of my trip, I went to a crisis nursery.  This nursery houses precious babies from zero to three.  These babies have been abandoned.  Most of their moms died in child birth.  Many died due to AIDS.  The goal is to care for the children, contact relatives, and prepare both to live together again.  There are still some who can not live with relatives and must be put in an orphanage after they are three. 

Most of the babies there have bald spots on the back of their heads.  This is due to the lack of individual attention they get.  The nursery is doing the best that they can but two people can only hold so many babies.  Mercy is seven months old and she can't even sit up by herself.

I don't know what else to  say.  There isn't much we can do.  The caregivers already love to their fullest.  You can't adopt from Malawi unless you have lived their for two years either.  We can, however, pray.  Pray for these young lives that have already lost so much.  Pray for their future families.  Pray that Malawi's adoption laws will change.  Pray for Mercy.  

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