Sunday, November 1, 2009

First Post

so this is my first blog post.  yay.  i really don't know why i decided to start a blog.  they just seem so fun.  so to start this blog, i will state some random facts about myself.

  • i change my favorite colors often.  right now they are pink, red, yellow, green...ect.
  • i have 5 pets.  a large mut named co-co, a pomeranian named lucy, and 3 cats named bojangles, percy, and sassy.
  • i can not wait for my own apartment and i even already have a collection of glassware
  • i love being a hostess
  • i misspell alot
  • i work at this christian summer camp for girls called Camp Garaywa
  • i love baking
  • i love oil pastels
  • my favorite food is egg rolls
  • i want to be a missionary, mother of 8, and college art history instructor
  • i have a soon-to-be 13 year old sister named madeline
  • i love my name: katherine elizabeth

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