Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Eve of Christmas

i have forgotten to mention the fact that i have made it through my first semester as an art major.  it has been a great semester.  i got my grades for my classes and i got all a's in my art classes so that is a major plus. :)  i love my major alot.  i never knew i would like it so much.  i have learned so much too.  in art history, (which is kinda my favorite since i love to know what i am talking about) i learned about alot of different art cultures.  i have to say my favorite would be the minoan culture (pre-atlantis distruction) or maybe the "dark ages".  i had to put quotations on that because as my art instructor makes it clear that those ages were filled with so much light and not dark at all.  i have no idea why but i think i might teach art history.  in drawing, i have learned to trust my ability to draw.  i have survived two and three point persceptive.  i tried different medium.  i have to say my favorite is probably a nice pen and a juicy permenant marker.  in design, i learned how i love to put designs going off the pages, which my instructor loves a whole lot.  i really can't wait for next semester.  i will be living at home and commuting, so i will have more workspace and will probably get more art supplies.  i will continue in my journey as an art major and take all my basic classes (art history, drawing, design) part two.  it should be interesting.  stay tuned!

i forgot to mention that i painted a quote on my wall last week, right above my bed.  here are some great art quotes:

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